My Puppy (fake)

I like my puppy because it is very fun to play with when I am bored it is very soft and cuddly. It is like having my very own dog! When you pet it it will say “awwww” but in a sorda doggish way. Oh I almost forgot her name is “Candy” but if you have any suggestions please tell me in a comment.

Hop on Pop Disagree

Hop on Pop is a children’s book that SHOULDN’T Be banned in libraries. First of all it is only like 2 seconds long and some kids are small and don’t learn quickly. Second of all the book says “We Hop on Pop” but then it says “Stop you must not Hop on Pop said Pop” so the kids should learn from that and maby think that they should not Hop on Pop. Kids are still young and learn from the good side of things really fast.

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Spring Is…

Spring is Warm Wind.

Spring is Open windows

Spring is Green grass

Spring is The Sun

Spring is Butterflies

Spring is Leaves

Spring is Easter chocolates

Spring is Going to the park

Spring is Painting

Spring is Skipping

Spring is Awesome

Spring is awesome